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Enhancing the individual, golf and the world community
Golf's future is not guaranteed. Those who love the game must take an active part in its development. We are the Keepers of its heritage. We must ensure our children and their children benefit from the game as much as we have.

Games, even one as wonderful as golf, evolve over time. Is golf the special game we think it is? What aspects of this cherished heirloom should be retained and what should develop naturally? How should this be done?

Welcome to the site where you can explore golf's core values such as honor, honesty, self-reliance and etiquette. Our mission is to retain these values and expand them beyond the boundaries of the game.

We thrive on the exchange of ideas. Please e-mail us with your thoughts on what is happening in golf today or join our forum.  

We are anxious to add new Members at the cost of only one round of golf at your usual course. Join the effort to ensure golf is the special game it has been and always should be.

We also have a Handout Exchange. Feel free to explore our library and donate what you have.

For clubs and associations we have a Keeper of the Game Award.

Check into the availability of our Kid's Character Development Tool-kit.

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                                 The Keepers' Mission

We will preserve golf's fine traditions and etiquette (self-reliance, honesty, manners, honor, thoughtfulness). The essence of golf must not be lost in a world where change outpaces perspective and winning is more important than honor. Keepers will improve and expand golf's traditions and seek ways they can be spread throughout wider life.

We want to ensure what gentle men and women learned in the past remains available for golfers today and tomorrow. More than most other games, golf has long been associated with honesty, good manners, and high standards of behavior. Golf should cherish that reputation and do all it can to keep it. Golf etiquette is part of it. So are the basic character building elements of playing the ball as it lies and accepting the occasional bad bounce of the ball.

Many golfers feel this way and fear golf declining like many other sports. Few, however, are doing something about it Keepers of the Game is different. We are leading the way to ensure golf's best traditions are retained in a fast changing world. Good manners must be universal. Honesty must be unquestioned. Courtesy should be automatic.

New golfers don't know about these refinements, some experienced players never learned them.

There is work to be done. It won't happen overnight. It won't happen by wishing it so. Retaining, even enhancing the traditional golf values will take planning, hard work, follow-through, and a grassroots effort.

Join us.

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